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Our team at Hiepe Law finds nothing more satisfying than helping our clients to achieve hope, relief, and rest after finding freedom from the shackles of debt. Take it from those who have been where you are and who understand what you’re going through. If we can help them and bring a glimmer of hope back into their lives, we can do the same for you. The testimonials below will leave you feeling just as inspired as we do each and every day. We’re in the service of helping people like them and like you.


"Thank you for everything you did for us. You were truly an answer to prayer for us and a blessing in our lives. We are so grateful for your wisdom and knowledge, and your compassionate and friendly manner. We knew from the beginning that we were brothers and sisters in Christ and that meant so much. We also love your fun personality that made a difficult and emotional situation for us much easier to go through. You gave us a wonderful Biblical perspective that helped us move forward. Randy, you were wonderful and we thank God for You!'
In Christ's Love,”

J.T. and R.T.

“My husband and I met Randy at church and over time we learned that he handles bankruptcies, so we made an appointment for a free consultation. That was the best financial decision of our married life! Randy patiently explained everything in detail and made sure we understood what it all meant. He took our hands and walked us each step through the case. I truly believe we would not have found another attorney like Randy on our own, and we thank God for putting him in our path! Even now that my husband has passed, Randy continues to be a trusted advisor and a true friend.”


“My financial world was in turmoil. My part time job wasn’t enough to keep up with my bills. No matter how many resumes I sent out, there was little promise of a full time job. Collectors were calling day and night, leaving threatening messages. I was practically broke and scared of what the next day would bring.

It was then my mother insisted I talk things over with Randy. I was reticent to do so because to me bankruptcy represented the utmost of failures. But, what a blessing that conversation turned out to be! He carefully explained my options and what bankruptcy entailed. He and his office staff practically held my hand through the entire process; because of him I don’t wake up scared anymore. Randy has made it possible for me to begin restoring my financial health.”


“I had a tremendous amount of debt that needed to be satisfied and I felt comfortable with Mr. Hiepe handling all phases of my debt situation from our first meeting. I felt like I was dealing with someone who had a tremendous amount of honesty and integrity, as well as a high degree of ethics. He made me feel very at ease handling my bankruptcy from the beginning of the process, through completion and discharge. Again, I am extremely thankful for Mr. Hiepe and all his help. He is the only attorney I would recommend in the Tampa Bay area, the State of Florida, or the United States for that matter.”


“Randy made our experience with bankruptcy very smooth. He is so helpful, intelligent, and has a great sense of humor, which really made us feel at ease. We would highly recommend him to anyone facing bankruptcy.”

R.C. & J.C.

“We came to Randy at the most stressful point in our lives, his kind demeanor and caring nature made the ominous experience of bankruptcy easier to understand. He was always available and his candor was refreshing. We were able to buy a beautiful house 3 yrs after discharge and we are now 3 yrs later refinancing, and wouldn't you know we needed some documents from our bankruptcy, I called the office expecting a "who are you?" Randy answered, remembered me and had the 6 year old paperwork emailed to me within minutes, true story. Thanks for caring Randy.”

Daniel & Jane

“I had creditors trying to file liens against my home. I had lost my husband, and was not working because I had lost my job. I hired Randal because of his knowledge, and he showed me there are people who really care and want to help.”


“Mr. Hiepe was retained for my bankruptcy attorney. He was professional, competent and sensitive to our situation.”


“Randy has been patient and kind through this whole process. We tried to take the road of Debt Consolidation first, which added 1 of many levels of complication to our case. In the face of being sued we hired Randy. He guided us every step of the way. I always had a clear list of To Dos when I left his office. Follow his instructions he knows the laws and makes the transaction easier than I could have imagined! We are feeling like the weight of the world is off our shoulders! We have a chance to build wealth, while we finish raising our 3 children, help them with extended education, and prepare for retirement. Thank You Randy Hiepe!!! Blessings”


“Integrity, Compassion and Professionalism. Randall was an excellent choice to handle my Bankruptcy, from consultation, throughout my Bankruptcy and until its discharge. In my opinion, if you are looking for an attorney, it is important to pick the right attorney. Randall Hiepe is that attorney.”

John H

“Finding good bankruptcy lawyer can be very difficult task. Fortunately for me, with the help of a family member who is a lawyer I was directed to Randy Hiepe. I had a very difficult bankruptcy, and he guided me through it with the utmost patience and skill. He was there for me, during every step of the journey.”


“Mr. Hiepe guided us through a stressful time with compassion, patience and understanding. Each meeting with him left no doubt that at that moment, we were his most important clients. He has a friendly, easy going manner yet is professional in every way. We are fortunate to have had his services, and highly recommend him.”


“I was referred to Mr. Hiepe by a fellow co-worker. The level of stress my finances were causing me was indescribable. One consultation with him and it was like I could breathe again. I immediately retained him. Every appointment is with him. He is extremely organized and helpful. He made sure I understood the entire process, and I always knew the next steps. I have recommended him to many friends and family who also hired him and felt exactly the same way. I can't say enough good things about him.”


“Randy Hiepe runs a Christian based business and that really appealed to me. He made me feel safe and secure with the personal information we shared. He helped me and my family at a very difficult time in my life. Randy not only advised us every step of the way, but made sure all the paperwork was done correctly the first time. He is sharp and knows the law better than anyone I have met. He is a blessing and helped us tremendously. I would highly recommend him.”


“Mr. Hiepe was invaluable in helping me with my bankruptcy woes. He is infinitely knowledgeable in navigating what needs to be done .. and when .. during the filing of a bankruptcy. He is also a very compassionate man ... something you don't often find in the legal field. Not that you would ever call bankruptcy a "pleasure", but Mr. Hiepe almost makes it a pleasure. He is wonderful, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to ANYONE who needs help with their financial troubles.”


“Chapter 13 experience. Mr Hiepe's help through the whole bankruptcy procedure was amazing. I was always informed on what i needed to know and a very difficult time in my life was made easier. I was able to keep my house and I'm coming to the end of this situation. I would gladly recommend him to anyone who needs a bankruptcy attorney.”


“I contacted Mr. Hiepe when I found myself in a situation I had no idea how to negotiate. He plainly laid out the options available to me in a way I could actually comprehend. This went a long way alleviating my stress and absolute dread. Several unexpected situations arose but at every turn he was patient and understanding. He was very reasonably priced and didn't gouge me in spite of my many fearful calls. I had spent good money I didn't have on other attorneys that treated me not so nicely. I highly recommend this gentleman. You will not be disappointed