Answer: Yes.

A recent study by reflects that forty-two (42%) of Americans surveyed indicate that being aware of someone’s credit score might be a deciding factor when dating. Fifty (50%) of the women and thirty-five (35%) of the men indicated that a credit score could have an impact regarding their feelings toward that potential date.  Some of the reasons stated were that having bad credit may indicate problems with irresponsibility which could carry over into other facets of the potential date’s life.

Obviously, there are reasons other than irresponsibility why people get into debt.  These reasons can be a loss of employment, injury, medical bills, divorce and beyond.

A recent study by found the fifty-eight (58%) of the people surveyed said they wouldn’t consider marrying a person with significant debt.

Credit scores are categorized as follows:

781 – 850 Excellent Credit

661 – 780 Good Credit

601 – 660 Fair Credit

501 – 600 Poor Credit

500 – Below Bad Credit.

Having a higher credit score can result in the obtaining of a mortgage or a car loan at a substantially reduced interest rate than those who have fair, poor or bad credit.  This reduced interest rate can save many thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage or loan.

According to, 65% of your credit score is made up of late payments and high balances.  A bankruptcy can eliminate high balances and provide an avenue to begin making on time payments, thereby increasing your credit score over time.  Hence, a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may put a person back on track to improving their credit score over time and, possibly, help in obtaining that date or mate down the road.

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